Welcome to my Page

My name is Sean Murray and I'm a sophomore. My major is currently business but my intended major is industrial engineering. I chose this major because it seems interesting. This major is all about making this more efficient, which involves a lot of creativity. I'm looking into other majors to keep my options open but I think Industrial engineering is the most likely.

There are many hobbies I enjoy participating in, but my favorite is playing soccer. I have been playing soccer for almost my whole life. I started around the age of 5 and over the years I have always been on a soccer team. I have always liked soccer because it's relaxing and a great stress reliever. It also keeps me active and allows my to spend time with my friends.

Football Link to my Book Report

    How to make a pizza
  1. Make dough
  2. Add sauce
  3. Add cheese
  4. Heat up the pizza
Courses Expected Grade
E115 S
Ethics A
Calculus B
Statistics B