Welcome to my webpage!

Hi, my name is Sean Vandergrift. This is my first year at state. I am a Chemical Engineering major. I chose it because it interests me the most out of all of the engineering majors. Also, psychology interests me so i might try to minor in psych.

My favorite hobby is playing fantasy football. I have a league with 11 of my best friends from high school. Currently, I am in first place by a mile. The worst team in the league is Brian's by far. He's awful.


Website I use to check how badly I'm beating Brian

    My Favorite Sandwich

  1. Get two pieces of bread
  2. Put strawberry jelly on one piece
  3. Put peanut butter on the other
  4. Sprinkle on Brian's tears on the slice with peanut butter and close the sandwich
Class Expected Grade
CH101 A
E101 A
ENG101 A