I am Sam Weninger, a freshman at NCSU. Welcome to my website people of the Internet.

A professional picture of me on campus.

My education

I am currently a freshman at NCSU and I anticipate to graduate in 2020. I am attempting to dual major in Computer Science and Math. My graduation date may get pushed back eventually because of the extra work dual majoring will entail. I have submitted a CODA aplication to the CSC department but have not yet gotten a response, the responses should be sent out after the academic semester is over.

Why pick CSC and Math?

I chose to major in these field because I find them interesting. Computer Science and Math synergize very well together because they aproach solving problems the same way. When I get my degrees I plan to use them to illicit monatary compensation from companies I do tasks for. Through my education I will be able to spend my life doing high value work that I find enjoyable and satasfying.

Class Course Title Semester
Calculus 3 MA 242 Fall 2016
Linear Algebra MA 405 Fall 2017
Java 2 CSC 216 Spring 2017