My name is Saoud AlObaid. I'm a freshman at NC State. My major is mechanical Engineering. I chose mechanical engineering because I love it. And because my brother, which is my ideal, is in mechanical engineering and he's a senior at NC State.

My favourite hobby is fishing. I like fishing since I was a child. My father was used to taking my family and I to fishing. Also, go to some near islands. He had a great boat that I liked, but he sold it before 10 years. What makes fishing my favourite hobby is when I sit and wait to catch a fish, and while I'm waiting I have that tremendous view which is the sea and waves.

goo icon My favourite last paper
  1. Open the toast/sandwich
  2. Open the nutella jar
  3. Put too much nutella in the toast
  4. Close the toast and put on the grill for a minute
  5. Finally, eat it.
catch fish
FLE101 MA141 PHI340
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