My name is Shraddha Rathod. I am a freshman and am planning to major in computer science and business administration. I am extremely interested in entrepreneurship, so I believe that both of those area would be helpful to me. I also really want to learn more programming. It seems to be a great skill to have!

I enjoy playing tennis. I played on my high school team. I enjoy watching tournaments. My favorite player is Rafael Nadal. I like going out and playing with my friends but also improving on my skill. I really have to work on my serve.

My favorit website.
My Resume!
  1. Take one slice of white bread.
  2. Apply peanut butter on the slice.
  3. Take another slice of white bread.
  4. Apply strawberry jelly on the slice.
  5. Put the slices together.
Class Expected Grade
Statistics A
Indoor Cycling S
Honors Seminar A