Welcome to Sean Paul's Webpage

Hi, I am Sean Paul Ablan. I am a freshman a NC State University. I am studying Mechanical Engineering I am studying Mechanical Engineering because I am interested making new technologies for the military. I hope to find to find a job in the military with a degree in this major.

One of my most favorite hobbies is paintball. I have started playing for about a year now. I love it because I get to shoot other people. It hurts a lot to get hit but it's still pretty fun. I always play with friends and random people.


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how to order my favorite sandwich (from subway)

  1. ask for a footlong tuna sandwich
  2. pick out my favorite bread (9-grain wheat)
  3. get it toasted
  4. get lettuce, tomato, onion, and cucumber
class grade
Fortran S
Calculus 2 A-
Physics 205 B-
E115 S