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Hi! My name is Serena Palmer, and I am a freshman double majoring in architecture and mechanical engineering
I chose architecture as my first major because I enjoy design spaces that people can exist in.
I added mechanical engineering so that I would be able to understand the engineering that goes into making a building structurally sound, and to have a
broader range of experiences that I can bring to my designs.

My dream job is to work at an architecture firm that is designing affordable housing. My background in mechanical engineering will hopefully provide me with the skill set to understand what can be simplified in a building to make it more efficient, while my architecture background would contribute to the more artistic side of the design. I would also greatly enjoy interning for the Bjarke Ingels Group, who make beautifully designed buildings that work with the environment they are constructed.

Most Interesting Classes At NC State

  1. CSC 113: Intro to MATLAB
  2. D104: First Year Studio
  3. ARC 162: Introduction To Architecture
  4. HON 292: Literature in the 21st Century
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