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My name is Slater Daniels and I am a freshman with a Mechanical Engineering Intent. I chose mechanical because I really enjoy taking things apart and putting them back together in order to better understand their mechanical functions. I am considering environmental engineering because I really enjoy being outside. I will hopefully know exactly what kind of engineering I want to pursue by the end of this year.

My favorite hobby right now is fly fishing. I recently got into fly fishing and have been visiting rivers in Western North Carolina and local rivers like the Eno. I enjoy fly fishing because I like to be out with my friends in nature, and I have always loved any kind of fishing. I am hoping to sometime travel to Wyoming or Montana to take advantage of the beautiful untouched streams out there nestled in the mountains. oops! FACEBOOK
  1. Get 2 pieces of bread
  2. put peanut butter on one piece
  3. put honey on the other piece
  4. put the two piece of bread together and enjoy
oh no!
class grade
Calc 1 B+
Environmental Science A
Honors Seminar 202 A-