Welcome to my Homework

My name is Stephen and I am a freshman with an intent to go into the aerospace engineering program. I really enjoy math, especially applied math, and I also like to design. Aerospace engineering has a lot of applied math in it and I find the subject of aerodynamics, at least what I know about it, very interesting. This seemed like the perfect fit for math and design and of course engineering makes you a living which doesn't hurt.

My favorite hobby is soccer. I was strongly guided into soccer because of my dad who is European and knows no other sport. I've played it for most of like competitively until my junior year in high school where I injured my knee. Now I enjoy it recreationally at NC state with my friends which has turned out to be equally fun. I also enjoy racquet sports.

Thursday Picture My Resume
  1. Take a piece of bread
  2. Put cream cheese on that slice
  3. Put another slice on top of that
  4. Sandwich is complete
Class Expected Grade
Statics A
E115 Satisfactory