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I am a freshman at NCSU and my major is Electrical and Computer Engineering. I have always had an interest in circuits and electricity. I have also enjoyed computing systems. The double makor allows me to do both with only taking three more classes. My father is also an Electrical Engineer and when he showed me what he I knew I wanted to do something similar.

My favorite animal is a wolf. I guess it is fitting that I chose NC State. I like wolves because they are strong fierce animals. They have a type of toughness that I respect. They also travel in a pack. I understand the importance of teamwork and this is why they are my favorite animal.

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  1. Stretch the dough
  2. Sauce the dough
  3. Add cheese and toppings
  4. Putt in the oven
Course Name Expected Grade
MA 242 A
ECE 109 B
PY 205 A
Wolf image