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Hello! My name is Sean Dowling, and this is my website for E115. I am currently a Freshman in the First Year College at North Carolina State University. I am working on CODA-ing into a Mechanical Engineering Major, as I am taking all the required first year engineering classes. I chose a Mechanical Engineering intent because I find that particular field of engineering interesting and suitable for myself. I think that I will fit well in engineering because I've always found myself taking things apart at home to fix or figure out how they work. From small performance engines to rewiring a light fixture in the dining room I've always had a knack for fixing problems around the house, which I think will be a transferable skill and mindset for engineering.

My favorite hobby would most likely be skiing, even though I only get to ski a few times a year. What makes skiing so much fun for me is the adventure aspect of skiing, whenever you get off the lift at the top of the mountain you have hundreds of unique ways to make it down the mountain. Also when going on a ski trip you get to see new places around the country and world, some of the most beautiful places I've seen are on ski trips in Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah. Although I'm not able to ski every week like some of my cousins, it is one of my favorite hobbies.

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How to make a grilled cheese sandwich

  1. Butter up two pieces of sliced bread
  2. Put the two pieces of buttered bread on a skillet or heated pan
  3. Place your favorite type of cheese and other toppings like ham or bacon on one piece of bread
  4. Make a sandwich out of the grilled bread and toppings while continuing to cook
  5. Remove and Serve after the bread turns a golden brown and all cheese is melted
Class Expected Grade
PY205 A
PY206 A+
ENG101 B
USC101 B
COM110 A
COM112 A
E115 S
Me Skiing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming