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Hey! My name is Savannah Fulp, and I am a freshman planning on majoring in Nuclear Engineering. I chose this major because I want to go into the medical field and help with the development of chemotherapy and helping to find a cure for cancer. A few of my relatives and people I know have been affected by this disease and I want to do my part to put a stop to it by doing research for a cure.

I technically still currently work at my job back home at the restaurant Hillbilly Hideaway. I work as a busser/hostess/waitress-in-training. I have been working there since February 2017, but I have not been back home to work since I moved in. I hated this job and that is why I have not worked since I started school. I do not plan on going back and working at this job full-time again until summer.

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Most Interesting Classes:

  1. Calculus I
  2. Volleyball I
  3. Nuclear Engineering (NE 201)
  4. Calculus II
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