Who is Sean Murray?


My Name is Sean Murray.
I'm currently a freshman at NCSU hoping to graduate in Aerospace Engineering so that I can go on to work in the private space industry.
My expected graduation date is Fall 2020, but this date may be pushed back if I decide to participate in NC State's Co-Op program.
Participating in the Co-Op program is appealing because it would give me experience in my intended industry before I graduate college

Why Study Aerospace Engineering

I have been interested in engineering since my first engineering class in 6th grade.
Two of my main hobbies are model rocketry and rc planes.
My interest in these hobbies transitions to the Aerospace industry, making an Aerospace Engineering degree very appealing.


Class Course Title Semester
Phsyics PY 205 Spring 2016
Intro to Aerospace Engineering MAE 250 Fall 2017
Aerospace Vehicle Perf. MAE 251 Fall 2017
Solid Mechanics MAE 214 Spring 2017
Aerodynamics 1 MAE 252 Spring 2017