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My name is Stephan Powell. I am a first year student here at NC State Univeristy and I want to be an Electrical/Computer Engineer. I'm not dead set on ECE just yet, though, as I am still trying to figure out if engineering is the thing for me. Some other fields that I am interested in would include Psychology, Business, and Philosophy. I really like Psychology but I also really want to change the world and I don't think that Psychology has a profound way to do that like ECE does, so right now I am capitalizing on the interests of mine that I think have the most potential in the future.

I used to work at Jimmy John's. While the actual job was a pretty good and easy job for minimum wage, my experience there wasn't the greatest. When I first got the job I thought my bosses were some really good people, but the longer I stayed there the more I realized the unethicality of their business. I learned from my coworkers and even a previous coworker who had quit the job that they were skimming people's paychecks, and soon enough I got to experience that for myself when they straight up deleted ten hours that I had worked out of the system. I even had pictures of those hours!

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  1. Physics
  2. E115
  3. E101
  4. Public Speaking
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