Welcome to Sanjana Rao's resume


I am currently a first-year student at NC State University. I am on track to major in Computer Science and minor in Spanish. I am expected to graduate in May 2020.

Long Term Goals

I chose to major in computer science because it is the basis on one of the fastest growing fields: technology. It is a challenging major that requires sharp problem solving and critical thinking skills. However, that is part of the appeal as well. I like computer science because it deals with a different way of looking at problems and challenges one's way of thinking. It is also a very flexible field. With a comp sci major I hope to work in the technology industry as a software engineer or project manager. But recently I have been researching ways to connect comp sci and public health as a potential career path.

Skills and Qualities

Class Course Title Semester
E115 Intro to Computing Environments Spring 2017
CSC 116 Intro to Computing: Java Summer 1 2017
CSC 226 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists Fall 2017