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My name is Sean Snively. I am a freshman in first year engineering at NC State and I plan on majoring in Computer Science. I like computer science because everything in our world relies on computers so I should not have a problem getting employed with a nice job. I also took programming in High School for 2 years, followed by a hands-on Computer Engineering and a theory based Cyber Security course, so I know this is what I enjoy doing.

My dream job working for a company is one where I have a solid work-life balance, and get payed reasonably well. I would be ok with not having a great work-life balance if I owned my own company or was a major part of a start-up company. I want to make a differnece with a group of poeple who are passionate about hat they are doing, although I know past start up phase most employees just do their work so they can go home. I would be fine with that if I have a nice family and home to go to after my work day.

Pictured below is me, and that gold building behind the trees is where Big Ben and Parliment are. Click the picture to send me an email.

A picture of Me

Classes I want to take

  1. CSC 316 Data Structures
  2. CSC 405 Introduction to Computer Security
  3. CSC 422 Automated Learning and Data Analysis
  4. CSC 411 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  5. CSC 326 Software Engineering

Interesting Clubs

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