My name is Samuel Stephenson. I am a first year here. However, I am technically considered a sophomore.
I am what is called Biomedical intended, since I have not CODA'ed yet. I chose this major because it integrates
many interesting subjects, such as robotics and medicine.

My favorite break is summer, primarily because it is the longest. Rarely do I actually do much of anything
over the summer. Usually it just involves movies, books, video games, and beach trips.
I do participate in community service, however, in the form of mission trips and playing my violen.

I really could care less about March Madness. I do not like or dislike it. Seeing as I am not interested in sports, and it
rarely effects me, I am fairly neutral. That guy's broken leg was interesting, though. Ouch.

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PBJ Sandwich

  1. Spread peanut butter on one slice of bread
  2. Spread jelly on the other slice of bread
  3. Spread honey on the peanut butter
  4. put bread slices together with the spread faces touching
  5. Enjoy!
Grades in Classes
Class Grade
Physics 208 B
Organic Chemistry 221 A
Organic Chemistry 222 A+
E115 S
Hon 296 A
PY 102 S
NC Beach