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My Intended Major

I am currently studying Environmental Engineering at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. However, I am planning on staying here in Wilmington instead of transfering to N.C. State next year to further my understanding of the environmental science aspect. I would then aquire an environmental science degree from Wilmington. From there I would transfer to State to do another two years and finish with a double major in environmental science and engineering. That would make my anticipated graduation date 2021.

Why Environmental Engineering?

I chose this field because I realized my freshman year that helping others or the world as a whole brings me joy and satisfaction. I like to know that what I am putting my devotion and energy into is for a good purpose. I also belive that the field will be in strong demand in the near future. There will always be a need for creative minds that can come up with an even more efficient solution to a problem. I would be able to directly assist people whether it's providing cleaner water sources, energy, or transportation. I am not exactly sure what specific job I am aiming for because there are so many, but I know that I will make sure my work goes to the place I think would benefit the most.

Skills and Qualities