Welcome to the highlights of my life

My name is Surya Tumbapura and I am a first year student pursuing Biomedical Engineering. I chose to pursue this major because since I was in middle school I have had an extreme interest in the medical field. However, after taking AP Physics and AP Chemistry in high school I explored engineering and realized its importance in the ever popular STEM fields. Biomedical Engineering was the perfect middle ground for me and was an extremely appealing option.

During my junior and senior years of high school I was a mathematics instructor at Mathnasium. Once a week I would go to work and would work with students of all school levels and grades ranging from 1st to 11th grade. My responsibilities mainly consisted of helping the students with their math homework from school and also assisted them in their personalized supplementary lesson plans. This job was very important to the development of my character as working with young kids was a very informative and humbling experience for me.

  1. Calculus 3
  2. Differential Equations
  3. Principles of Microeconomics
  4. Organic Chemistry
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