Welcome to a summary of me

Hello! My name is Samuel Crouse, and i am a sophmore math education major. I have a focus on computer science and that is why i am taking this course. I chose this major because I truely love the idea of helping students and having the oppourtunity to impact students lives.

My dream job going into the future is either a computer science teacher, or a video game designer/tester. the first is a more reasonable and more realistic goal and job i could have, while the other has always been a hobby of mine and i wish i could have that be my actual job. I know its a bit foolish to make playing videogames a job, but its truely a possible and worthwhile goal.

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My Favorite NCSU classes

Club Name Website link
NCSU accapella choir https://music.arts.ncsu.edu/ensembles/
Ultimate frisbee club http://packultimate.com/