Welcome to my webpage! Here you will learn all about me.

Hello! My name is Sohil Doshi. I am a first year engineering student at North Carolina State University. I am an undeclared engineering major, but I am leaning towards industrial engineering because I find logistics fascinating and want to help optimize processes. I am also thinking about aerospace engineering because I enjoy math and physics and would love to help create and improve vehicles. If I don't choose either of these two engineering disciplines, I am interested in paper science engineering because from what I've heard, they make the most money!

In the summer of 2016, I worked as a marketing intern. The company produced coupon cards (much like a coupon book, but with 10-12 discounts that can be reused limitlessly) and relied on its employees to go door-to-door selling the cards. At this job, I was set free and was allowed to work on whatever hours I wanted to and salary was based off of commission. I didn't have much to do that summer so I spent around 20 hours a week going through neighborhoods and knocking on doors. The internship taught me a lot about personal responsibility and self-motivation since I was allowed to sell as little or as much as I wanted to.

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  1. PY 205
  2. E 101
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  4. CH 101
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