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Hello, my name is Shane Ryker Herman. I am a freshmen in the first year engineering program, and plan on going into the chemical engineering department here at NC State. I chose this major because the first chemistry teacher that I had, being in my sophomore year of high school, made learning about chemistry very engaging for all of her students. I was very interested in the class throughout the whole year, and even went on to take higher level chemistry courses in my junior and senior years of high school. Coupled with being abe to work with math and engineering, chemical engineering seemed like a good option for me.

My favorite hobby would have to be biking. Although this may seem like a sport to most people, I enjoy it for being able to explore all of the streets and areas around me. It allows me to divert my path much easier than while in a car, and move much more quickly than if I were on foot. Since I have gotten to NC State, I have had several opportunities to explore the landscape of Raleigh and the surrounding wilderness. Thanks to the biking path that goes straight through campus, I couldn't have asked for a better biking location.

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How to make a cheese pizza in 4 easy steps!

  1. Go to Papa John's website.
  2. Order a large cheese pizza (or a medium if you're not feeling up to the challenge).
  3. Wait 15 to 30 minutes for pizza to arrive and pay for pizza.
  4. Eat the pizza!

  5. Class Expected Grade
    EC 205 A
    MA 141 A-
    MUS 131 A+

    Mountain Biking