Welcome to my E115 Homework 6 Website!

My name is Sean Martz. I am a 19 year old Freshman pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated with how things work and I loved taking things apart. As I grew older, I got into cycling and motorsports which both require a lot of maintenance. I love working with my hands to transform broken items into perfect working condition once more. I have also been very good at both math and science, and I have been encouraged to get involved in engineering by my father, who is also a Mechanical Engineer.

My favorite hobby is cycling. Training for race season is challenging yet thrilling, and usually rewarding. I will generally ride 50+ miles in a weekend, which tends to put a lot of stress on components. This requires hours of garage time to tinker on bikes and keep them running smooth and fast. In the past, I got sponsored by Specialized Bikes to race for them while sporting their gear. They have played a big role in my life and I link many happy memories to them - their logo is even tattooed on my foot!

Amazon.com is an addiction Link to my Resume.
How to make my favorite sandwich:
  1. Get two pieces of Sarah Lee honey wheat bread
  2. Slap on 3-5 pieces of Boars Head rare roast beef
  3. Pile on 2-3 pieces of Boars Head Cajun turkey
  4. Blast it with yellow mustard
  5. Hammer the bread together
  6. Enjoy!
Course Name Expected Grade
MA 241 B+
EC 201 A
ECD 220 A+
Riding Near Sunset