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My name is Staton Michaels. I am a freshman intending to study Mechanical Engineering. Essentially, I would like to study MechE because I absolutely love hands-on work with all things mechanical. I'm not sure exactly what I'd like to do, but anything to do with the automotive industry would be an absolute joy. Cars are just so awesome.

By reading the above paragraph, my hobby will come as no surprise. I love to work on cars. It doesn't matter if they're old, new, expensive, or the cheapest, I just love all of them. I drive a 1976 Volkswagen Bus and it breaks a lot. To most, this would be a pain, but every time something goes wrong I get exciting because that just means it's a new opportunity to learn about a new automotive system!

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  1. Buy Cheese
  2. Buy Pizza Sauce
  3. Buy Flour
  4. Buy Pepperoni
  5. Go Home
  6. Lay Out All of the Ingredients
  7. Realize it's all too difficult to do on your own
  8. Call Dominos
  9. Order a large Pepperoni with Breadsticks
Course Expected Grade
E 101 A
E 115 S
MA 241 A