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My name is Stephen Mobley and i am a freshman at NC State. I plan to major in Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in biomechanics. My main goal in life is improve the lives of others. BME allows me to couple this dream with my skills in Engineering and design. I hope to work for a company that cares less about profit and more about the benefit of others. I hope to attend graduate school and earn a master's in BME. I will also strive to pass my Professional Engineers exam a few years later to take on more responsibilities as an Engineer.

My favorite break from school is winter break because it is long and I get to see all of my family. College has strengthened my favoritism for winter break because all my friends from other colleges are also home, and I can spend time with them. Although, I'm not a hugre fan of the cold, I enjoy having snow, and winter break always has the oppurtunity to produce snow. As a kid, I loved winter break because it always meant presents for christmas. Another thing I love about winter break is that when we visitted family, the mom's would always cook large meals, and I always looked forward to those.

I am a huge fan of March Madness. Creating and betting on brackets is extremely fun. If you have a good bracket there is always a chance to win money. However, March Madness can easily lead to disappointment, especially if NC State does make the tournament or fails to perform well. The NCAA tournament is, in my opinion, the most exciting championship in sports, because whoever makes the final game had to win 5 straight before that, instead of it just being one game for the championship like college football.

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How To Make The Best Sandwich

  1. Get two pieces of white bread
  2. Toast each till slightly brown
  3. Add 2 slices of ham
  4. Add 2 slices of turkey
  5. Crush up any choice of dorito's
  6. Press the sandwich flat with hand
  7. Eat

Classes and Grades

Class Grade
E115 Pass
PY 205 A
Calc II A-

I Love Winter Break