Hi! my name is Scott Perry, and welcome to my website!

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I am currently attending North Carolina State Universitt pursuing a degree in civil engineering with a concentration geared towards construction/architecture. This is my first semester at NCSU because I am a transfer student from Waketech Community College. I completed the requirements for my associates degree in science/engineering over this past summer. I transfered as a Junior, and have obtained many credits thus far. However, I know that it will not take me only 2 more years to graduate, so I'm hoping to do so by Spring of 2019.

Paragraph 2:

I have always been fascinated with how things work, buildings and construction plans and blueprints,and the idea of 'making something from nothing.' Additionally, I have always enjoyed math, and the systematic approach to solving problems. The ultamite goal is to become a roller coaster designer.

Class Course Title Semester
CE 382 Hydraulics Spring 2017
CE325 Structural Analysis I Spring 2017
CE332 Materials of Construction Spring 2017
CE263 Intro to Construction Engineering Fall 2017
CE327 Reinforced Concrete Design Fall 2017