Hi, my name is Steffen Schilstra, and I am currently a freshman in the college of engineering at NCSU. As of yet I am Biomedical intended but I plan on switching majors. Although I am interested in prosthetics, I feel as though there is a better path for me. I too am interested in Computer Science. Who knows what my future holds.

My favorite hobby is theatre. I have preformed on stage since the fifth grade and I hope to continue this year. During sophmore year of high school I was the lead role in the musical Little Shop of Horrors. At NCSU, the theatre department is putting that exact show on and I hope to land a similar role. Theatre is such a big part of my life; I am excited to continue preforming this year.

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  1. Take two pieces of white bread
  2. On one piece, put peanutbutter
  3. On the other, spread jelly
  4. Put the two together
  5. If you are adventurous, cut the crusts off ;)

Class Grade
E115 S
Eng101 85%
Ma141 95%

Little Shop of Horrors