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My name is Steven Stewart, and I'm a freshman here at NC State. My major as of yet is Engineering first year, because I haven't chosen which department I wish to CODA into. I'm thining aerospace or mechanical or industrial for starters, so hopefully that'll work itself out in time. The main reason I want to be an engineer is because of the money and job security that most professional engineers hold. Also, I am rather enthralled by math and sciences so I figure why not?

One of my favorite breaks from school has to have been the spring break of 2013. My high school band went on a trip to Branson, Missouri (you're thinking, "How lame" but give it a minute). Since it was my senior year and the trip was only for the members of the most elite band at my school, the chaperones didn't care at all what we did with our free time. We may have hit up a few pubs in Branson that were underage-friendly, and we roamed the streets of Branson doing stupid things for much of the trip.

TheRedditAlien You Like Cookies, You Say?
  1. Pick up the phone
  2. Dial the number for Gumby's
  3. When the employee picks up the phone, tell him/her that you would like an extra large stoner pie
  4. Give them your address
  5. Wait for deliciousness to arrive at your doorstep
Course Expected Grade
Calculus II B+
English 101 A
Bowling A+
Underwater Basketweaving F-
Branson Strip