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Our game is centered around Bob who is just out of High school and is applying to NC State University. He knows he wants to do engineering but has no idea what division to do. The player is allowed to play as Bob through a computer game that demonstrates in a fun fashion 3 of the many majors offered at NC State. The game has three games that focus primarily on electrical engineering, computer science, and aerospace engineering. The user plays as Bob and goes through each of the games and at the end an overall score will be given that will then recommend a major.


This game is based off the topic of majors at NC state. We have three games; air battle, circuit builder, and Terminal Hacking game. The air battle game is an airplane fighting game based off Space Invaders. The player’s goal is to fend off attacking airplanes. The circuit builder game is designed to give a basic intro into electricity and circuits. The player gets to experiment with completing a circuit and have fun in a minigame. The final game Krispy Kreme Challenge is designed to allow the player to see what actually goes on when interacting with a remote server.

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