Aerospace engineering

Hi! I am Soban Saeed. I am a sophomore in Aerospace engineering. I am a transfer student from Craven Community College New Bern. I was always interested in planes and how such a heavy machine can fly. I started watching a National Geographic TV series named as Air Crash Investigation. It is a very informative series in which mostly NTSB tries to find the cause of of air plane crash and passes laws so that mistakes can be avoided and ensure safety for the passengers.


My hobby is to play sports.I just love to play competitive sports. I was born in Pakistan and I have learned to play Soccer, Snooker, Cricket, Badminton and Table Tennis in Pakistan. When I moved to USA three years ago. I learned Baseball, Tennis and American Football. My favourite sports is Snooker which is kind of like billiard played in USA but it is a different sport with much bigger table and different rules. In my spare time I play chess which is very good exercise for the brain. Snooker What happened to Malaysian airlines flight 370 Malaysian Airlines 370

Turkey Sandwich

  1. Take the white bread
  2. Put roasted Turkey into it
  3. Some Tomatoes, Cucumber and Lettuce
  4. At the end some ketchup and Mayo
  5. Subject Grades
    E115 780 Statics 80% Calculus III 92% Materials 90%