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My name is Saran Ahluwalia. I am a first-year, transfer-student with sophomore status standing.
I am currently studying applied mathematics and statistics , concurrently. My interest in the
language of mathematics stems from my past professional experience as a data engineer
and data scientist; the burgeoning field of reinforcement and Q-learning within the context of
game play affords many novel heursitics to extrapolate to the security and medical domain.
Specifically, within the context of healthcare feedback and decision making, there is a growing
interest in providing health care feedback.

My current position can be segmented into my full-time student status and research endeavors.
I currently serve as a statistical learning researcher in the College of Sciences.
I am also working as a part-time, consulting data scientist for a startup, in Raleigh.
Complementing my interest in the security domain has allowed me to also
work alongside researchers in the security domain. All of these, inevitably, I am confident
will allow me to concretize my aspirations to pursue a career as a research scientist
for a health-care technology company.

Courses that I intend on taking in the next year:

  1. Bayesian Inference
  2. Algorithms and Analysis
  3. Network Security
  4. Linear Algebra
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