My name is Shefali Shah. I'm a freshmen at North Carolina State University. I'm currently in the First Year College. However, I'm planing majoring statistics and business adminstation with a concentration in finance. I choose this major as I would like go to grad school focusing on a career in healthcare administration, or even get a job at SAS.

My favorite hobby is dancing. My favorite styles of dance includes bollywood and garba raas. Bollywood dancing comes a variety of diffrent styles and relate to bollywood films. Garba raas is a style of dance that comes the part of India where my family is from. Garba is devotional dance that involves clapping, and a lot of sharp hand movements. While raas is a high energy dance that involves dandiyas(sticks).
Netflix Resume

  1. toasted bread
  2. asiago cheese melted on the bread
  3. gugac spread
  4. finally use tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, cucumber, bell pepers
  5. cut in two triangles and then enjoy
Class Expected Grade
EC205 A
CH221 C+
MA242 B+
triangle garba