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My name is Supriya Sivadanam and I'm a freshman in the college of engineering. My engineering major intent is biomedical engineering. I'm interested in biomedical engineering because it combines elements from various fields and I am someone who has several different interests. I really like math, biology, chemistry and working in a lab. Biomedical engineering pulls aspects from all these different subjects, so naturally, I thought biomedical engineering would be a great career choice for me. Furthermore, I'm really interested in doing research related to stem cells and biomaterials and I've actually interned a lab in the past, so I know that this is something that I enjoy doing. I look forward to majoring in biomedical engineering.

I have several hobbies but one of the things I like doing best is jewellery making. It has always been interesting to me and creating my own designs is a lot of fun. In the past I used to make and sell small pieces to people I knew and I loved making earrings or necklaces for people as gifts. Now I make small jewellery pieces in my free time. I think I first got into jewellery making when I was in elementary school and I got my first set of beads. Now I love going to jem shows because that's where you can find the best selection of various beads, hooks, wire, and other materials needed to make jewellery.


I Waste So Much Time!

Making A Grilled Cheese Sandwich

  1. Get two pieces of bread, preferably white.
  2. Put the bread on a heated pan with butter on the bottom. Both slices should fit in the pan.
  3. Get a slice of cheese and place it on one of the slices.
  4. Put the 2 slices of bread together and let it sit on the pan for a minute. Make sure both sides of the sandwich is heated up.
  5. Place the grilled cheese sandwich onto a plate and serve with lemonade and potato chips.
Course Name Expected Grade
MA 242 A
HON 202 A
BIO 183 A
EC 205 A
E 101 A
E 115 S