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Education Information

I am a junior at North State University. I am majoring in Chemical Engineering and plan to graduate in December of 2018.

Why Chemical Engineering?

I chose to study this degree because I love to problem-solve and I see the application of math and science as a driving force to a better world. When I graduate, I intend to get a job as an engineer and tackle various issues in industry. A few examples of how I would like to dedicate my skills and interest to benefit society include reducing water usage, improving efficacy of products, tailoring a product to individual consumers needs, and reducing/managing waste from a manufacturing facility.


Class Course Title Semester
Chemical Process Princliples CHE 205 Fall 2016
Foundations of Recombinant Microorganisms for Biomanufacturing BEC 363 Fall 2016
Fermentation of Recombinant Microorganisms BEC 463 Fall 2016
Introduction to Chemical Engineering Analysis CHE 225 Spring 2017
Humans and the Environment IDS 303 Fall 2016