School Information
My name is Sam Stout and I am a Freshman here at N.C. State University. I intend on majoring in textile engineering here at State. The N.C.State college of textiles is the only college of textiles offered in the United States. I chose this because where I am from, Gastonia,NC, is a major textiles town. I have grown up around textiles, my mother works in textiles, and I intend on staying in the field of textiles.

My favorite break from school probably was winter break. I like winter break not only because you do not have to do school work during it but also it marks the end of a semester. I also get to come home and see all of my past high school friends that I remain in touch with. Once I am back I also can work for some extra cash for the new semester. You also get to celebrate Christmas and New Years without worrying about consequences. It is better than summer break at tinmes bercause you get to come back to school after a month and see all of your college buddies.

March Madness may as well be considered a holiday for the american culture. It is hectic, crazy, and mad which makes it so special. It gives hope to some teams whom aren't shown the spot light. It brings out the sense of hope within Americans and reminds us of our own cinderella story. March madness is and will remain the best post season in all of sports! Facebook Tab Espn Tab
  1. Acquire bread, bologna, and mustard
  2. Get a knife and spread the mustard on one side of the bread
  3. Put the bologna inbetween the bread slices
  4. Press the sandwich down and chow down
Class Grades
E115 TE105 ES100
Pass A A+