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About This Page

This page is about Sandie, but is actually written by her husband John Wash. For those of you who need things spelled out for you, that means that "I" means John and not Sandie, and "her" or "she" means Sandie and not John.

So, anyhow, I think that my wife is so marvelous that she deserves her very own Web page. She humours me with it, but I think that deep down inside she thinks it's kinda cool.

About Sandie

Sandie is four feet and nine inches tall and weighs under 100 pounds. She'll hit me if I'm any more specific about her weight than that. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes, tiny hands and large, firm, supple... uh, tracts of land.

There are many extremely cool things about Sandie. Since I'm sure you're just dying to know what they are, I'll share some of them with you. Well, the ones that aren't X-rated....

    Things I like about my wife

  1. She's the cutest thing I've ever seen and has the body to back it up. You can check out my photo album to look at some of them, or you can jump to the pictures portion of this document.

  2. It's always gotten on my nerves when women claim to be good with animals even if they're not. (Close your eyes: sexist generalization ahead!) For some reason many women think they're good with animals. This must be the female equivalent of the male "it has an engine and at least two wheels, so of course I can fix it" genetic trait. Sandie is actually every bit as good with animals as many women like to think they are (I'm not saying that she's the only one who has the talent, but it's very appealing to me so I thought I'd make a big deal about it). Sandie has owned German Shepherd Dogs, Bull Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers, Golden Retrievers, mixed-breed dogs, Siamese cats, black cats a bobcat (yes, a bobcat, like the muscular, mean, wild cats you see on nature shows), black rat snakes, boa constrictors, anacondas, eastern ring snakes, ribbon snakes, garter snakes, green anoles, brown anoles, salamanders, skinks, geckos, swifts, slider turtles, box turtles, horses, chickens, parakeets, canari es, condors, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, Dutch Rabbits, Siamese Satin Rabbits, a squirrel, various fish, and boatloads of others. And they all liked her. It's like living with a female Dr. Doolittle. Many people have said that the ultimate reincarnation would be as Sandie's dog.

  3. She's good with money. I mean, great with money. That's nice because I'm horrible with money. She lets me spend what I want (which is a staggering amount) and we somehow still manage to hang on to our house. I hate Social Security because I resent the fact that the government thinks it can save my money better than my wife can.

  4. She's a phenomenal dancer. She does ballroom dancing, clogging, contra dancing, two-stepping, country line dancing, Scottish Highland dancing, medieval set dances, Scottish Country Dancing, English Country Dancing and (my personal favourite) belly dancing. We've taken ballroom dancing and Scottish Country dancing lessons together, and will continue the ballroom lessons as soon as the NCSU ballroom dance club starts again in the fall of '95. She tried to teach me the highland fling for our wedding (which I danced badly and promptly forgot). She was part of a belly dancing troupe and was a professional belly dancer on her own. I'm always trying to get her to do the belly dancing, and my current plan is to drum for her and help her choreograph a routine so that she'll dance for me. Have I mentioned that her belly dancing is my favourite style of Sandie Dance? :)

  5. She does the laundry, makes the beds, dusts around the house and handles taxes/bills/mail/other paperwork. I hate doing all of the above. In exchange I wash the dishes and do most of the home repairs. We'll actually help each other with most tasks (I don't do laundry or paperwork 'cuz I screw 'em up so badly, but I assist with the other stuff) because we like spending time together. For example, she'll dry and put away the dishes after I wash them, and we'll both grab dust rags and furniture polish when we have to.

    Neither of us like to wash windows, but it's fun when we do it together.

    The first (and only) argument we ever had was over who got to mow the lawn (not who had to mow the lawn, but who was allowed the privilege of mowing the lawn). We have a riding lawnmower, you see, which makes mowing grass much more fun.

  6. There is no.... Number 6.

  7. She encouraged me to get into Celtic music. Since she did Highland dancing she really wanted to be with a piper. I called John Sprague, the director of the NCSU Pipes and Drums. I started lessons in the fall of '92, started the pipes and joined the Grade V band in February of '93, and moved to the Grade III band in March on '94. I'm also heavily into Scottish small piping now, an interest that I owe to my friends Joe Seibert, Howard Sanford, and Hamish Moore. When we first met Sandie had a weekly session at out house where various people (including Joe and Howard) played all sorts of Scottish music. From there it was inevitable... and now I love Celtic music more than anything but my wife.

You might think that I'm saying all of this just to flatter her so she'll be nice to me, but she's nice to me anyway so there's no point in wasting my time. Nope, I'm saying this because I really do think a lot of her. I think it's a shame when a husband and wife don't really like being around each other. Well, Sandie and I do: we're best friends and get along wonderfully.

Pictures of Sandie

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