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My name is Saimum Syed. I am currently a freshman at NC State University, the best university ever. My intended major is Computer Science. I picked it because I have always been a gamer since I was a young kid, and I was always interested in the workings of these games that I cherished. As I got older, I got more interested in Computer Science and I decided that I wanted to pursue that as my career.

My favorite hobby has to be playing video games. Even though I had a lot of fun doing other things as a child, video games were really enticing to me. They were always so enjoyable and I loved how I could play at any time that I wanted to. Being taken away to another world aside from reality was always exciting to me, and it still continues to amaze me to this day. Seeing the progression of video games has made me ecstatic about the future of the video game industry.

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How to create Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches

  1. Gather two slices of bread, peanut butter, jelly, and a knife
  2. Take the knife and spread peanut butter on piece of bread
  3. Take the knife and then spread jelly on the other piece of bread
  4. Put the two pieces of bread together
  5. Revel in deliciousness
My classes this semester Expected grade
E 155 Satisfactory
PY 205 B
EC 205 A
MA 242 A
CSC 116 B