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My name is Samuel Young. I am a freshman in the engineering college. I am an intended Civil Engineering Major. I want to be a civil engineer because I have always been interested in the building. Ever since I was little, I enjoyed playing with legos and building blocks. Also, I am not interested in the theoretical engineering majors. For example, nuclear and chemical engineering are not my taste. I am also interested in construction engineering.

One hobby that I enjoy is playing golf. I have played golf since I was very young, and I played on my high school. I also caddy. This is a job where I carry the golf clubs and tell the distances of the shot to the players. Golf is also a great sport to play when I grow older. I want to keep getting better. Unfortunately I have not been able to play as much because of school work this year.

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Ordering a Pizza

  1. Call the Papa Johns
  2. Tell them what size pizza
  3. Tell them what toppings
  4. Wait for the pizza
  5. Pick up the pizza
Class Grade
MA 141 90
CH 101 90
E101 90