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Welcome to the official page about Sam Blevins. He is excited to have his own website that he created himself Here is some more information about the man, the myth, and the legend, Sammie B.

Hello, my name is Sam Blevins. I am currently enrolled at North Carolina State University as a freshman graduating in 2021. I plan on majoring in Textile Engineering with a concentration in Product Engineering. I chose Textile Engineering because I am interested in producing wearable technology and clothing. I plan on working for a sports company because athletics is a huge part of my life.

My dream job is to work with a sports clothing company like Under Armour. To be able to work in the athletics industry is something I desire to do. As an athlete, it would be cool to be able to help top tier athletes perform at their best. The job would combine two of my favorite hobbies, sports and engineering.

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  1. TC 201- Textile Engineering Science
  2. EC 205- Introduction to Economics
  3. PCC 301- Technology of Dyeing and Finish
  4. TE 463- Polymer Engineering

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