Samuel Bryant Student Profile

Hello, and welcome to my Student Profile!

Sam Bryant

My name is Samuel Bryant, and I'm a Junior studying Mechanical Engineering at NC State. I actually ended up in engineering through interesting choices. When I was in high school, I was interested in the medical field, and when I began planning my college career I realized I needed a Bachelors degree to apply for medical school. I had always been good at math, so I chose engineering; that way I had another career path to fall back on if I decided against medicine. That's exactly what happened, and I became a member of the Wolfpack family as a transfer student 2 years later.

My most recent job was an engineering internship at Morris and Associates. As an intern, I had several jobs, such as 3D modeling, making technical drawings, and completing miscellaneous jobs around the office. One other task I had was to test a new 3D printer the office had purchased, learn all its software, and write a manual for interns and other employees. I have always loved writing, especially in a technical setting, and in my future career I would love to be writing for either research reports or publications.

The 4 most interesting classes I am currently taking:
  1. Engineering Dynamics
  2. Mechanical Properties of Structural Materials
  3. Introduction to Computing - MATLAB
  4. Introduction to Computing Environments
Clubs I am either in or want to be in:
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Chi Alpha Site
Wolfpack Motorsports Site