Welcome to my About Me page!

My name is Samantha Collins. I am a freshman at NC State University with an intended major in Computer Science. I chose computer science as my major because I enjoy programming and want to go into game development.

I currently work at Hibernian, an Irish pub located in North Raleigh and Downtown Raleigh. I am a hostess for the North Raleigh location on Fridays and occasionally on Saturdays during the school year. On breaks I tend to work Friday to Monday. I started to work at Hibernian over the summer of 2017 and intend to continue working during the school year.

A picture of Samantha
  1. CSC 216-Programming Language Concepts-Java
  2. CSC 482-Building Game AI
  3. CSC 492-Advanced Computer Game Projects
  4. E 115-Intro to Computing Environments
Club/Organization Link to Website
Women in Computer Science WiCS Website
Video Game Development Club VGDC Website