Sydney Giammona

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I am a Chemical Engineering student at North Carolina State University with a consentreation in Nanoscience. My anticipated graduaion date is May 2019.

Professional Goals

I feel that Chemical Engineering is what I have been called to do. With my ability to compute and understand mathematic equations easily and my great love of chemistry, to pursue chemical engineering just made sense. After graduation, I plan on researching the development of polymers and plastics to in return improve our society.


Relevent Course Information

Class Course Title Semester
CH 221/ 223 Organic Chemistry I/II Fall '15/ Spring '16
MA 141/241/242 Calculus I/II/III all '15/ Spring '16/ Fall '16
CHE 205 Intro to Elementary Principles of Chemical Engineering Fall '16
CHE 315/316 Chemical Proceesing Thermodynamics I/II Fall '17/ Spring '18
PCC 461 Chemical Polymetric Materials Fall '17