Welcome to my Webpage

Hello everyone, my name is Stacey Protasowicki, and I am a Freshman at NC State University. My intended major is Chemical Engineering. I chose Chemical Engineering because I am passionate about Chemistry and math, and want to work with the research and development of nanomedicines. One day I hope that the use of nanomedicines will revolutionize the medical field in a positive way.

My dream job is to run my own research lab with trusted colleauges, but for now I work at a swim school. In my current job, I teach the four competitive strokes at Triangle Swim School to students aged 6 months to adults. My job has provided me with many positive networking opportunities, and has improved my patience and teamworking skills.

Professional Picture of Me
Four Most Interesting Classes I have Taken
  • HON 290 Literary Critiques and Contexts of 19th and 20th Century America
  • MA 241 Calculus II
  • E144
  • E101

  • Name of the club Link
    Mi Familia Mi Familia
    Society of Hispanic Professionals and Engineers SHPE