Sam Weybright's Resume

Photo of Myself


I am currently a Freshman at North Carolina State University planning on studying nuclear engineering. I plan to graduate in May, 2020, then continue on to graduate school.

Professional Goals

I plan on studying nuclear engineering with the hope of moving on to graduate school and go into research on nuclear fusion as a source of energy. If engineers were able to harness fusion as a viable source of energy, the world would have a virtually limitless supply of energy. It would also make the world much cleaner with the removal of our need for fossil fuels as our main energy source.

Special Skills and Qualities

Class Course Title Semester
NE 201 Intro to Nuclear Engineering First Semester Sophomore
NE 202 Radiation Sources, Interaction and Detection Second Semester Sophomore
NE 301 Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering First Semester Junior
NE 400 Nuclear Reactor Energy Conversion Second Semester Junior
NE 401 Reactor Analysis and Design Second Semester Junior