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Hello! My name is Sana Chopra. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University intending to major in Biomedical engineering. I have always had an interest in medicine and Biomedical engineering would allow me to integrate both medicine and engineering. and I have an identical twin sister and a younger brother. My family and I moved from California to North Carolina when I was 6 years old.

My first job was in my senior year in high school at Kumon Math and Reading Center. I taught kids of all ages and graded their homework assignments. Then I entered each child's grades onto a database to keep track of his/her progress. My dream for the future is most likely having a job related to healthcare.

Interesting Classes at NC State:

  1. Chem 102 General Chemistry Lab
  2. E 101 Introduction to Engineering & Problem Solving
  3. HESF 107 Run Conditioning
  4. BME 301 Human Physiology for Engineers
  5. STS 325 Bio-medical ethics

Club Name Club Website
URSAC Click here
NCSU Thandav Click here

C2H5OH is my favourite element chemical formula. E=mc2 is my favourite physics formula.

My Favorite Things:

Name Characteristic
Manisha Chopra Understanding
Ajay Chopra Determined

Biomedical Engineering