Freshmen in the Electrical Engineering program at North Carolina State University, I, Stephen Odom, plan to major in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Renewable Energy and minor in Art and design. Ever since high school the renewable energy industry has appealed to me regarding environmental sustainability and ecosystem preservation. It is not until after witnessing what trash and polluted air does to the inhabitants that I really saw the detrimental effects. People with their homes in disarray and picking up rotting food and decaying debris makes my heart tear. So, my goal in life is to help provide solar, wind, and other sources of renewable energy to villages that have no access to clean drinking water and heating/cooling systems. Not only could electricity prevent the spread of diseases but also prevent death caused by extreme heat or cold among other things.

This spring break I had the opportunity to travel with Forest Hills Baptist Church to Washington, DC. The Mission trip consisted of four groups traveling to MUMS, Interfaith, Capital Hospice, and City Gate. My crew traveled to City Gate where we sorted shoes as well as worked with children ranging from kindergarten to middle school. One the most memorable aspects of the mission trip was the use of prayer. Never have I ever prayed through devotion or really talked to God seeking his guidance until that very moment. The overall trip was physically, emotionally, and mentally debilitating; however, I would definitely never trade the relationships I have made for the world.

Taken by Stephen Stephen Odom's Photography Blog
  1. Take two loaves/slices of bread from a pre-opened bread bag making sure it is white bread and not wheat bread.
  2. Unscrew a peanut butter jar and take swab of the peanut butter out of it using a knife spreading it over one side of a loaf.
  3. Squeeze out grape jelly from a squeezable container and spread it on the other loaf.
  4. Once you have finished steps 1, 2, and 3, take the two loafs making sure the jelly and peanut butter touch each other.
  5. Once the two loafs become one sandwich cut the sandwich down the middle with the knife used in part 2. Enjoy!
Class Expected Grade
Calculus II A
Men's Choir A
Scholar's Forum Satisfactory
Introduction to Computing Environments Satisfactory
Introduction to Computing Systems A-
Physics for Scientists and Engineers I A-
The Capital Building Taken by Stephen Odom