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My name is Stephen Coppola. My unity ID is swcoppol. I am a freshmen at N.C. State in the college of engineering. I am in a 5 year program to get my masters in mechanical engineering. I wanted to be a mechanical engineer because i enjoy physics and math. I love designing things I can see and this sound like something an engineer would be doing.

My favorite break is summer break of course. It is the longest so the best. Over the summer I am planning on taking summer school. Just a couple hours to keep me busy. It will be an easy summer compared to not going to summer school and geting a job. Summer is also nice and warm and this makes swimming and outdoor activities more fun.

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  1. Get Bread, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, turkey, cheese
  2. Toast Breed in toaster
  3. Put turkey and cheese ontop of on peice of breed and microwave it for 30 seconds
  4. Take it out and put lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo on it
  5. Put the other peice of bread on it and then eat it!

    1. Name of Course Grade
      ma 142 A-
      csc 112 A+
      Eng 101 A
      Econ A+
      e115 Pass
      e101 B+
      e144 A+

      summer pic