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A picture of little Solomon

My name is Solomon Keith Daniel Wiggins. I'm currently enrolled as an electrical engineering 1st year at North Carolina State University. Although I thought I liked electrical engineering, I am in the process of shifting my focus into computer science as a think that will be a better fit.

My dream job might honestly be in the field of graphic design, but due to a series of poor career choices I'm studying in the field of engineering. I would absolutely love waking up everyday to work on animation and digital art. I enjoy coding which is why I am planning to do computer science but as for a dream job in that field, I just want a job that can give me flexible hours. In the best future I'll be able to combine coding with my love graphic design.

Classes I Hope to Take:

  1. CSC 226 Discrete Math CSC
  2. CSC 467 Multimedia Technology
  3. CSC 520 Artificial Intelligence I
  4. CSC 461 Computer Graphics
  5. ADN 219 Digital Imaging

Organizations I am a part of:

Club Name Links
Video Game Development Club Click here to go their site
Photography Club Click here to go their site