Spenser Meekins Resume

Me at work

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I am currently completing a Bachelor's of Science in Civil Engineering at North Carolina State University. My anticipated graduation date is December 2018. I have completed an Associate's of Science at Johnston Community College. In addition, I have completed the United States Air Force Leadership School and Flight Engineer School.

Professional Goals

After completing my degree, I plan to take the FE Exam (Fundamentals of Engineering Course) and PE (The Principles and Practice of Engineering) to become a licensed civil engineer. I then plan to continue to work at the civil engineering firm that I am currently with, but with a new focus as an engineer. During the time of working towards my 5 years of experience under a licensed engineer, I plan to enroll in a civil engineer graduate program to further enhance and broaden my knowledge to help solve engineering problems that face our society.

Skills and Qualities

Relevant Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
CE 305 Traffic Engineering Fall 2017
CE 383 Hydrology and Urban Water Systems Fall 2017
CE 402 Traffic Operations Spring 2018
CE 426 Structural Steel Design Spring 2018

Created: March 23, 2017