More About Me

An even more indepth about me page then the previous one.

A picture of Shogo

My name is Shogo Ohta-Weir. I am a freshman in engineering, still debating between electrical and mechanical. I am unsure of which one I want to go into because I want to work for a company like Tesla, and both majors would be very useful in that job market.

Currently, I only work weekends as a soccer ref. The pay is decent, but it is a hassle to drive to the games because my car is in the overflow parking. However, I enjoy playing and watching soccer so it is nice that my job is so involved with something I like.

Classes I want to take:

  1. Music Comp with Computers
  2. Phylosophy
  3. Psychology
  4. Swimming

Clubs I am interested in:

Club Name Link
Soccer link
Acappology link